In the past decade, there has been an unprecedented shift toward digital commerce. Due to their ability to easily make this jump, large tech-savvy corporations have taken a sizable chunk of the market from Main Street. Local businesses lacked the time, budget, or knowledge to retain many of their customers in the age of the Internet. With the support of their most loyal customers, they were able to keep shoppers coming back by creating the best possible in-store experience.

Then, the pandemic hit. Small local businesses, already reeling from the digital shift, are now facing a life-or-death situation. With their cornerstone in-store experiences under threat, there is an urgent need for innovative, engaging, and fun online shopping experiences.

That's why we created ShopMainstreet. With extremely simple setup and instant exposure through the community, ShopMainstreet gives every small local merchant the ability to compete with big-box counterparts. Centered on each community's downtown district, shoppers stop by anytime! ShopMainstreet lets anyone take a virtual stroll down Main Street, stopping at their favorite local stores along the way. By bridging the gap between merchants and their loyal customers, ShopMainstreet is keeping local business alive.

A golden opportunity to restore the heartbeat into local communities, ShopMainstreet is a ready-to-go platform geared toward helping small local businesses better compete in today's economy. Regardless of shutdowns, reopenings, and other daunting roadblocks, ShopMainstreet will be there to help our merchants keep business going. Together, we can make online shopping work for Main Street!

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